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Weekly Events

Week of 18th to 24th

Weekly Events

A full week this week, with a lot to look forward to. We start with food offerings. On Tuesday, Alma Viajera Pop Ups will be serving some "Tokyo Street Food", a returning favorite, as we prepare for "The Barrio Barbecue", a low tide BBQ bringing slow-cooked flavor and excellent conversation to the sunset shores of Playa Danta. A Sunday Brunch with Ponciana Head Chef Saul Umaña wraps up this week's food offerings. Town's usual fitness and wellness activities will be continuing as usual this week, with HIIT, Swimming Lessons, Functional Fitness, and Yoga at their usual times, and will be complemented by the continuation of some new town events. On Thursday, El Mercadito will be taking place in the afternoon, with a movie night on Friday, and the second edition of Sunset Gin and Tonics at Santarena. Finally, the week will wrap up with Town Tips with Experts on Sunday, and another edition of Sunset Trailblazers departing from Central.

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