Pop-Up Dinner: Tokyo Street Food
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Pop-Up Dinner: Tokyo Street Food

Tuesday, May 21st - Las Catalinas Beach Club

Pop-Up Dinner: Tokyo Street Food

Alma Viajera Pop-Ups are heading across the Pacific this week, to the avenues and alleyways of Tokyo to try out some of the world’s best street food. Though there’s not much in common between the pedestrian streets and peaceful atmosphere of Las Catalinas and the neon lights and ever-lively roads of Tokyo, the menu here is one thing that both towns are sure to love -- fresh seafood, grilled and fried treats, and tasty desserts. 

Price: $50 per person

For reservations, contact Concierge through Las Catalinas App, at concierge@lascatalinascr.com  or calling (+506) 2654-4600

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