Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

What is Las Catalinas?

paseo-del-mar-looking-north_0Las Catalinas is a new beach town located on the Guanacaste Coast of Costa Rica.  Its purpose is to create a way of life that is healthy, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun.  It is a place where it is easy to connect with other people, and with nature itself.  We think it is one of the most important and beautiful new towns in the world.

Physically, we are building a beautiful place composed of houses, shops, restaurants, small hotels and inns, pedestrian streets, plazas, parks, and recreational facilities.  All elements are arranged to create a series of wonderful, walkable public spaces interwoven with nature. Architecture is adapted for outdoor living. Motorized vehicles are refreshingly absent. A constant ebb and flow of fellow residents and visitors enrich the scene.  Every street leads to scenic overlooks. Every home frames incredible views.

On one side our town is embraced by over 1,000 acres of spectacular tropical dry forest hills and valleys with extensive hiking, biking, and horseback trails.  On the other side is the Pacific Ocean where we have two of the finest beaches in all of Costa Rica with great swimming, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, boogie boarding, and snorkeling.

Why are we building Las Catalinas?

paseo-del-mar-girl-riding-bike-dsc_9716We believe that the people of the world desperately need a new vision of what “the good life” is all about.  The vision of the last few decades of “more and more stuff, more and more isolated” isn’t working.  Ecologically it is a disaster.  It isn’t measuring up so well in terms of human health and happiness either, leaving us socially fragmented and personally disconnected.

This new vision of the good life needs to be ecologically sustainable.  It needs to be healthier – enjoying our physical selves, being physically active.  It needs to be more connected – connected to nature and connected to other people.   It should celebrate and revel in beauty.  Well, it turns out that this kind of vision of the good life is intimately dependent on the design and function of the places where we live.  Las Catalinas is meant to be a place where this vision can flower, spectacularly.

We believe that there is something magical about coming out of your front door and finding yourself in an engaging place where you can socialize, take care of your daily business, and recreate, all under your own power.  We believe there is something magical about having unspoiled nature right there at the edge of town, connecting you to its rhythms and energy.  We believe there is something magical about being surrounded by beauty.  We want more people to experience this magic.

Las Catalinas History Thus Far

Our company bought the land of Las Catalinas in August of 2006 and immediately delved into the work of planning, engineering, and getting regulatory approvals.  We began actual construction of infrastructure in 2009.  Vertical construction began in early 2010.  The first houses and commercial buildings were completed in 2011.  Construction on a new phase of development on Paseo Punta Penca began in 2012.

Where exactly is Las Catalinas?

Las Catalinas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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